Computer Builds

Because I am interested in computers and how they work, I took the opportunity to build a gaming computer. I started off with a smaller case which was a 280X. This involved a single micro-ATX motherboard. It was an extremely interesting project which helped me to learn a lot about computer components, cable management, and the skills of planning before executing (ex: installing fans in order to get the correct air flow through the case). While there are some aspects about the build that I would like to improve, such as better cable management, it is fully functioning and works very well for its intended purpose.

Following this build which helped me to learn the components involved with building a gaming computer, how they interact, and contribute to overall functionality, I had the opportunity to work on a bigger build. This was with the Obsidian 1000D case, an ATX motherboard, and a mini-ITX motherboard. This was a great experience because it helped me to apply the skills that I learned in the first build, and it presented a greater challenge with a significantly larger case, and multiple motherboards.


  • Personal Project

  • Summer 2021

A personal project where I built a couple of gaming computers. One was a 280X case with a micro-ATX motherboard. The other was an Obsidian 1000D build with an ATX and a mini-ITX motherboards.