Liv: Wearable Health Assistant

Liv is a wearable medical assistant on your wrist that automates the process of seeking emergency care. Currently, the process of seeking emergency care is difficult, especially if the person seeking help is incapacitated or at risk of a medical condition or failure. Products like LifeAlert are only directed towards a specific audience have limited features to actually be successful. Liv is a wearable that combines the features of LifeAlert and a smart-watch into one.

Wearer’s create a user profile, identified by a unique user ID. When an emergency occurs, the information of the user in need of help is sent to the nearest hospital which is then passed to the emergency responders. A sound emits from the device, and their approved users are alerted by Liv as well. Liv provides this information to emergency responders when the patient is incapacitated and unable to answer questions or provide information. Liv minimizes the time it takes to help a patient, saving lives.

Liv stores your user profile that includes important medical and personal information such as name, date of birth, medications, illness, doctor, hospital, past medical history. It also stores your approved users that are allowed to access your information, i.e. immediate family members and your doctor. This information is sent via SMS when an emergency occurs. 

While the wearable is on, Liv is able to track GPS in real time, and it immediately sends the wearer’s location to the nearest hospital when there is an emergency. 

I worked with the Adafruit feathers and communication between device and website. Also, I enabled OLED display and speaker on the device to alert bystanders of an emergency.


  • Cornell Make-a-thon 2020

  • Feb 01-02 2020

Through this project, my team was a finalist in the Cornell University Make-a-thon. Click here to see the PowerPoint slides from the presentation my team gave at the finals of the competition.